Development is a continuous process design.

With the right development process design, you can be more effective, productive and motivated managers at the top by maximizing your leadership skills.


Tailor Made / Structured Coaching Programs

  • Identifying the success factors

  • Focusing on success and performance

  • Sharing experiences

  • Flexibility to prioritize skills

  • Conformity with the institution

Team Coaching

  • Teams assigned by the institution

  • Subjects assigned by the institution (communication strategy, vision)

  • Teamwork based on awareness and target

Head Hunting

  • Positions assigned by the institution

  • Identifying the potential candidates

  • Presentation of the research results and candidate files

  • Orientation coaching


  • Internal Listening

  • Focused Listening

  • Global Listening

Asking Strong Questions

  • Invitation to deepening

  • Finding solutions

  • Creativity

  • Invitation for looking to future

  • Open-ended, simple questions




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Making Life Beautiful With Plastic Surgeon SERDAR EREN II

A successful aesthetic surgeon making a difference in the field, Dr. Serdar Eren met with many participants on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 to talk about the relationship of happiness and beauty and its impact on our lives in Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel. The income of the seminar is transferred to the scholarship fund created by the BNU Association for university students.