Development is a continuous process design.

With the right development process design, you can be more effective, productive and motivated managers at the top by maximizing your leadership skills.




Sustainability In The Global Banking Industry

Sustainability In The Global Banking Industry: Risks & OpportunitiesBefore Covid-19 wreaked havoc on the world’s economies, the global banking industry had already begun taking steps towards more sustainable business practices. If anything, the pandemic has [...]

Wind of Change

Change is an important concept that must be managed for employees at all levels. Change brings stress for all employees. Employees move from their familiar comfort zone to uncertainty. Therefore, they have to manage the [...]


Revolution of Digital Banking

With the European Central Bank considering to investigate for a digital currency and the rise of the FinTech companies we feel the technology being indispensable for the finance world and as we see how [...]

The Global Leadership Program

The Global Leadership Program held on October 22, 2021 was completed. I would like to thank the Gelişen Nesil Akademi and the university students who participated in the program with their great interest. Çiğdem [...]