Çiğdem Güven, who excels in organizing seminars in her areas of expertise; addressing the target groups’ needs in their professional and private lives, organized the seminar “To Succeed is to Discover Yourself” on February 24, 2016 at Hilton Bosphorus Hotel with Mario Levi. The seminar, where a number of significant topics regarding life in general were covered, attracted great attention.

Çiğdem Güven, who has been bringing many well-known experts of different areas together with the brands and employees she provides services for since 2013, organized yet another successful seminar on February 24, 2016. Mario Levi, one of the most well-known figures of the literature and academic scene, conveyed his significant experiences and opinions regarding life.

After the opening speech by Çiğdem Güven; Mario Levi, an academician with books translated into 27 languages, gave a speech about his struggle to become his own person, ways to render life meaningful, mysteries of discovering oneself, and the importance of knowing the true value of happy moments.

Levi closed the seminar with a question-answer session where he concluded with, “We should be able to allow ourselves to make mistakes. We always say to ourselves that we won’t repeat the mistakes our parents did when we’re raising our own children. Indeed, we don’t repeat their mistakes. Instead, we make our own, unique ones.”