Entrepreneurship is the process of starting a new business that incorporates and develops technology. Entrepreneurs are people who create a product or service, work and establish an organization for it. Entrepreneurs want to work outside of the hierarchical order. They are people who can work independently, obtain different opportunities, and carry out the creative and uncertain process.

Before starting a business, entrepreneurs knowing themselves, having an idea about the issues that entrepreneurs encounter while doing business and the competencies they should have can help in other steps they will take. There are many concepts for entrepreneurs. Such as courage, endurance, being able to work in uncertain environments, taking risks, being a researcher, looking for opportunities, developing a network, being dynamic, receiving and giving feedback, being non-judgmental, not afraid of failure, being strategic, abandoning the project when necessary. I believe that the ability of entrepreneur candidates and entrepreneurs to analyze themselves on the basis of these competencies, to define their power and then to create an action plan on the necessary issues will affect their success.

The ability of entrepreneurs to continue their business while protecting themselves in uncertainty is an essential part of their lives. In the nature of entrepreneurship is not being able to stand still, being alone and always planning. Not giving up is very important for success. After the dreams are set and the planning is made, the difficulties experienced during the execution of the work are the areas of experience, learning and empowerment. It is not easy. Making mistakes is an important learning area for success, it is not failure making mistakes, but not
learning from mistakes.

It is important to make a business plan before starting a business. It is necessary to analyze the needs of the market, competitor and customer and determine the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. It is useful to determine the necessary management and team resources for the job, to work on the timings and to clearly state the targeted results. Building the business model and strategy serves the success of studying the answers to the questions of what value it offers to the customer, how it makes money for itself and the investor, if any, how the business differs from the competitor. However, evaluating all assumptions; benefiting from similar successful experiences; Finding and listening to the experience transfer talks, stories and being in dialogue with a successful entrepreneur increases the probability of success.

Keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive and managing it is very important in the developing company. During the growth process, it is necessary to always be ready to solve the problems to be encountered and to work in accordance with the vision without giving up in the face of difficulties. Not slowing down affects success.

Another important main issue in entrepreneurship is financing. Sources of finance; the entrepreneur’s own source; It could be an investor, a smart investor, banks, public funds, public banks. In the case of an investor, two critical issues are the investor’s trust in the entrepreneur candidate and the desire to do business with him. It is important for the entrepreneur to have a detailed plan on how to manage finances in case of using his / her own resources or foreign resources and a rational financial management. In case the entrepreneur wants to do the business together with a partner, it may be useful to pay attention to the existence of common values, unity of purpose and complementary features while choosing a partner.

One of the other important topics in entrepreneurship is the strong network established by the Entrepreneur, its proximity to technology, and his work in a successful enterprise for three or four years before attempting may be helpful. An important commercial profit opportunity may have been caught in the field of activity of the enterprise, but if there is no good legal and financial infrastructure, it is possible to encounter unforeseen costs. In the continuation of the enterprise, it is important to investigate the sanctions in advance regarding legal and financial issues and to act appropriately. As a result, it is important for the success of the entrepreneur candidate to have worked on the aforementioned topics before the initiative. Although the element of uncertainty in entrepreneurship is high and permanent, it is possible to act strategically in the area of uncertainty.