Change is an important concept that must be managed for employees at all levels. Change brings stress for all employees. Employees move from their familiar comfort zone to uncertainty. Therefore, they have to manage the uncertainties they encounter.

Institutional changes are common. The success of every level of management, primarily top management, in this area directly affects the business performance of organizations.

Change management success requires courage and strength. Discussing the issues encountered, making a correct analysis and determining and throwing the necessary names affect the success of the management.

The change management, crisis management, and boundary pushing of the leader and executive teams strengthen the muscles of the relevant groups. Strengthens management groups with learning from previous experience. In the absence of any experience in this regard, the management teams’ examination of the previous change experiences in the competitors, the sector, the institution and their good analysis and learning of the outputs will affect the management success. It takes effort to wonder, to learn, to experience. These are very important competencies for a strategic leader.

The manager who predicts at the management levels, researches the competition in the market, is open to all information sources, evaluates and interprets different perspectives will of course carry out change management successfully. Managers
with high levels of awareness have developed the ability to accept and manage the stress of change. They are physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. In fact, this stance allows them to be people who do not need any help in their business life. (although not really like that)

Leaders and Managers who resist change are doomed to fail over time within existing organizations. Because adapting to change and even seeing opportunities in changes and turning them into opportunities can be considered as important success criteria. To these must be added the stress management brought about by change. It is necessary to take the strategic decisions that need to be taken at all these management levels and to take responsibility for them. I believe that the positions at these levels, which I try to carry out without taking responsibility, depend on the goals of the company partners, but they will still weaken over time.

The management of the Leader and Management teams with the principle of reality is efficient. Distance from reality, that is, pretend administrations, results in being blown away by the winds of change. The system that the corporate structure provides, the awareness it wants to create in its teams, brings harmony in the absence of individual efforts of people. In other words, the macro protected values ​​are the main determinants of the macro system and the entire institutional climate.Courage is part of success. Measured risk-taking, taking steps without fear, taking risks and managing skills are part of change management success. Stagnant waters contain many storms and waves. After all these stages, it is possible to achieve significant success.

In the country we live in, respect for people, life, nature and living things affects motivation in business and private life. Motivation is an important topic in corporate life. All the development and consultancy work done is possible within the domains of the Leaders and Managers. If respect and motivation are the core values ​​of the system in which it is located, there will not be much need for additional organizational efforts.

It would not be wrong to say that internationally competing institutions make extraordinary efforts to eliminate system vulnerabilities. It allocates additional budgets to carry its teams to universal values. The fact that young people who come to the working stage have worked on leadership and management skills will increase the performance of corporate life. These competencies will enable employees to do change management and stress management with higher awareness.

However, with the rapid introduction of digital and technology into life, educational institutions need to quickly adapt to new courses. Otherwise, it will also be included in the educational activities of corporate life on these issues.

Stress management in the institutional field requires mental health, physical health and mental health. The fact that all management team and employees are knowledgeable about the management of stress that emerges with change will increase its resilience. The mind must be constantly recharged. It is necessary to get rid of the tiredness and garbage thoughts brought by daily business life.

Employees must find suitable charging methods. On the other hand, physical health is one of the most critical issues in managing change and stress. Exercises for physical health, active life and other subjects must be made compulsory in people’s lives. mental, physical, mental health is not showing the necessary care. Behavior of these subjects, not at the level of theoretical knowledge.