Executive Coaching

It is a coaching service that is communicated one-on-one to improve management skills and work performance in order to achieve individual and corporate goals of managers in the professional business world and to provide behavioral changes.

Continuous monitoring and feedback of development and change is provided throughout the executive coaching service, which is offered over a period of time and hours.

Financial Services

Financial strategy consulting and debt structuring;

We offer consultancy services on Project Finance, Purchase Finance, Working Capital Loans, Non-cash Loans, Leasing, Refinancing, Credit Restructuring, Credit Rating Process and Hedging.

Financial modeling, financial analysis, financial strategy development, identification of appropriate funding sources, managing relationships with lenders, evaluating financing alternatives, loan documentation negotiations, refinancing, credit rating process and the management of exchange rate/ interest rate risk (hedging) for the consulting services we provide.

Consulting on mergers and acquisitions;

We provide international consulting services in mergers and acquisitions , buy-side and sell-side transactions.

Coaching in Business Life

In business, coaching usually works with those who own their own business or managers with the aim of achieving a high return on investment. Businesses need a factor that will mobilize them in order to achieve the goals they desire. With the strong questions and interrogation techniques applied in the coaching system, business owners and managers should be aware of their development allocations, and in other respects they should look at themselves and their business lives, enabling them to performance is aimed at improving.


In a global perspective, it is a consultancy service that determines what you need locally and continus development through the focal points we choose after a mutual process of transferring knowledge and experience.

Development allotments are reported by following the development of individuals after training.

Trainings and Seminars

We organize trainings and seminars for you on all the subjects you need in your business life or private life, which fall into our area of expertise. The trainings and seminars we offer aim to help the target groups get to know themselves better and contribute to their development in the current area in line with the information they have acquired. Our trainings and seminars target all individuals, companies and institutions who value their personal development.


Our priority in our trainings is to determine the most effective method you need and we successfully conclude the result with specially designed trainings on the basis of individuals or throughout the employees of the institution.

We develop a training plan design that meets the needs of banking and other sectors in the same way and we start our trainings together. Our trainings are designed specifically for individuals or institutions on subjects such as coaching certificate programs, establishing strategies, activating and following the strategy, and we implement all the necessary work in the training process in order to achieve successful results.