It is very important for a person to recognize himself, discover his power and define his own power, awareness and use this power in his life.
The situation I often encounter with my clients who are skilled, hardworking, productive and motivated by this, is that they are not clear about their domains. The power of belief in what they can do is a fuel that ensures their success. On the other hand, lack of clarity on the borders can cause targeting in different domains. This issue can create a feeling of failure in the manager.

In cases where the goals set by the managers self and cannot achieve them, managers who see themselves as unsuccessful despite being successful according to the measurements of the organization and create the perception that they fail.

Managers should answer the following questions:

How the institution considers the manager successful?
What does the institution expect from the manager?

There may be situations where the manager has a personal goal above the corporate goal. However, the fact that these targeting is realistic is critical to success. Incorrect targeting can cause low self-motivation. The low motivation of the manager permeates the whole team. All of these issues are about success, motivation, efficiency.

Regardless of the management level, the common feature of my manager clients is the feeling of failure at certain levels. I observe that the manager does not say self-appreciation, acceptance, and well done. He expects the institution to appreciate him. In his private life, he even expects his wife and friend to appreciate him. I think that, this kind of need for appreciation stems from the person seeing himself inadequate, unable to put forward what he has done and say “well done”.

The manager can see his own success, be at a level to make his own discretion, see events clearly and simply and establish an appropriate communication, efficient and rational management will result. I have a large number of executive clients he can see himself passive in his career path. However, managers are a factor in the career path. He is responsible for the process and the decisions made about him.

Manager’s self-confidence, acceptance, tolerance and appreciation. I think it should evaluate. The correctness of these determinations is the starting point. The willingness of managers to be appreciated is frequently raised in my work.Lack of self-confidence, lack of self-acceptance and tolerance may lie behind the need for appreciation. It is possible for managers to improve on development issues as a result of correct determinations. Issues such as employee happiness, employee loyalty, and belonging are the leading issues that organizations attach great importance to.

In managers, awareness, self-appreciation and accurate self-determination and development plans are directly related to business performance and profitability. If appropriate programs are not offered to the managers in the institutions where they work, the development and change side is restricted. Hence, managers working leadership, change and development budgets of institutions and the importance they give directly affect the success of managers in the short and long term.

On the other hand, the acquisition of coaching leadership competencies before work life I believe it should. Thus, high awareness, clear and simple definitions People who can do and know what they want will be prepared for life. These competencies are needed in different areas of business life and for this, training studies are carried out.

The person who defines his / her strength gains time and works efficiently in reaching his / her goal. It becomes more motivated in business and private life. Themanager with high awareness positions himself correctly in business life, and the constant feeling of fatigue and failure decreases or ends.