Financial strategy consulting and debt restructuring;

We provide consultancy services on Project Finance, Acquisition Finance, Working Capital Loans, Leasing, Refinancing, Loan Restructuring, Credit Rating Process and Hedging.

Financial modelling, analysis of financial structure, financial strategy development, determination of appropriate financing sources, management of relations with lenders, evaluation of financing alternatives, loan documentation negatiations, loan restructuring, refinancing, management of credit rating process and hedging from foreign exchange / interest risk.

Consulting on mergers and acquisitions;

We provide international consultancy services in mergers and acquisitions, buy-side and sell-side transactions.

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“What is justice? Giving water to trees. What is injustice? To give water to thorns. Justice is (consists in) bestowing a bounty in its proper place, not on every root that will absorb water. 1090 [...]

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