“Coaching and Effective Communication Training” with Çiğdem Güven was held in Turkish – German Chamber of Commerce and Industry..

After “Coaching and Effective Communication Workshop” which was held in December of 2018, with the invitation of Turkish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, “Coaching and Effective Communication Training was also held in Berlin in between 23th and 24 th February.

Company owners and managers from different sectors participated in the training. Practical sessions on communication competences such as listening, brainstorming, appreciation, giving feedback, not judging, showing big pictures, asking strong questions, and netting which are quite effective in our entire lives was made. Besides, issues such as how communication should be, why itis important, negative situations affecting communication, communication accidents were also touched upon.

At the end of the 2 days training, TD-IHK Secretary General Okan Özoğlu and Excecutive Coach Çiğdem Güven presented attendance certificates of the participants.