The coaching certification program is prepared for the people who aim to be the “Professional Coach” in daily life or in the personal development sector. The Certification Program was held between February 25, 2017 and March 12, 2017 to
Yildiz Technical University Continuous Education and Research Center.

Those who want to make a professional entry to the personal development sector and those who want to improve their coaching skills in both professional and private life participated in the program for 4 full days between 9am and 6pm. Participants took 25 hours theoretical and 15 hours practical training in total and had the opportunity to learn basic coaching skills and practice them with professional coaches.

The program began with defining the professional coaching principles and continued with explaining coaching tools and coaching skills. Than the concepts of coach, mentor and advisor are introduced. Attendees who have acquired information about the entire coaching process, coaching tools and skills are continued to the program with practical examples. At this point, participants have acquired the skills that is necessary to explore the people who are taking coaching service. They can also be able to create full awareness for that person and develop different perspectives and strategies. Other capabilities that studied in this program were asking strong questions, listening effectively and using the space that is
available for the coach. Then, the importance of asking strong questions and making strong observations were mentioned. Lastly, the focus was on the entire internalization of the coaching process in addition to the private coaching skills. After learning the theoretical information, participants had chance to apply their learnings with practical examples.

At the end of the program, the participants have gained coaching skills that enables them to offer professional support to the individuals they work with both in their personal and professional lives. Participants have come to the level where they can give coaching support to raise own awareness of their clients and help them to perform better in their social environment or at different stages of their working life. All participants who have successfully completed the program are entitled to receive the “YTU Basic Coaching Education Participation Certificate” approved by the Directorate of Yildiz Technical University.