The repercussions of the digitalization process in business life were spreading in parallel with the enormous speed of technological development. The digital revolution, which was already showing its effects, has accelerated its speed with the outbreak of the Covid-19 crisis and has made it necessary for all of us to be able to adapt to change. The opportunity provided by modern technology to work remotely enabled many large companies to make remote work plans before the crisis. The discussions about whether remote working or the office environment was more efficient were also in our lives. However, there were no permanent working from home applications in the majority of companies in Turkey. The period we are in has allowed for the widening of the experience of remote working, and the efficiency discussions to be held by observing in practice beyond theory.

When we consider the advantageous aspects of remote working, the first thing that comes to our mind is to save time and energy lost on the way to and from the office. Although the amount and type of loss differ depending on the nature and duration of the journey, all working individuals suffer in this process. These losses can be the time that is lost on the roads, the stress we have to bear on traffic, life energy and motivation lost in public transport and so on. While remote working protects people from these types of losses, when we look at the subject on a larger scale, it makes a significant contribution to companies by reducing office expenses, to the country by reducing fuel emission, to the Earth by reducing the carbon emission level. The positive effect of remote working on business performance is the possibility of working in a more comfortable
environment rather than the noisy environment of the office. Providing an environment with fewer interruptions contributes to more efficient work that requires individual focus. At this point, it is important what kind of working environment the person provides at home. One should be away from distracting factors such as television. Moving from the bedroom to a different place for work, thus creating the image of going to the office instead of working in a place identified with resting in the mind, affects concentration positively.

Although the advantages of remote working are diverse, the possible difficulties that it may cause cannot be ignored. In order to prevent these difficulties, managers have important duties. Keeping the team’s motivation high is perhaps the most complicated of the possible disadvantages. Some of the employees who have coded the workplace as a working area in their minds may not show the same motivation while physically away from control mechanisms inside the house. At this point, moving the routine in the company to online work platforms can also help in solving motivation problems. A meeting with the team in the morning affects the concentration positively. Morning meetings can also be utilized for business planning. Making daily, weekly and monthly business plans prevents the loss of motivation, as well as helping to clarify responsibilities and goals within the team. In these plans, meaningful targets should be determined, and progress towards the target should be reviewed frequently throughout the day. For the virtual meetings, preparations should be made in advance, the topics and materials to be passed on should be shared before the meeting, the meeting notes should be kept and shared with the team, and participants should be encouraged to express their opinions during and after the meeting. It should not be forgotten that one of the most effective ways to keep motivation high is to appreciate team members.

Another issue that working from home methods can create disadvantages is communication with the team. Maintaining healthy communication is at the center of the team spirit, motivation and efficiency while working remotely. The physical distance should not cause poor communication, contact with the team should be maintained during the day by using the opportunities provided by the technology effectively, and the team spirit and bond should be preserved. Apart from business conversations, mini-chats that reinforce the sense of belonging also contribute to team communication. Keeping the communication channels open and accessible by the team leader reflects positively on team performance. Healthy communication between team members should also be ensured. In order to use communication channels effectively while remote working, managers should strengthen their digital competencies, research and follow innovations.

In the process of working from home, which is a new experience for many of us, giving feedback and mentoring to the team will speed up the team’s adaptation to the process. Receiving feedback from the team will also contribute to our success in work from home and increase our performance. If the above-mentioned measures are taken against the possible disadvantages of working from home, it can be experienced that the work performance can be kept at the highest level and it is experienced that there is no need to renounce in return for the advantages of working remotely. These experiences will open up opportunities for the new ideas that will shape the future of working life.