Kindness is an important virtue. Kindness in all areas of life makes relationships long-term, provides the language of deserved speech, and results in high satisfaction with the environment and people. It may be that a kind person is weak, but being kind requires courage and strength.

Who does not like to hear a kind word, to be thanked, to be helped, to celebrate success, to give kind feedbacks. Of course, the dosage of kindness is very important. When the dosage is low or high, it can harm. If the other party tries to take advantage of the kindness shown, it is possible to manage it. It is possible to be assertive besides kindness.

What is kindness in the business world?

  •  In the subordinate-upper relations; What is the spoken language in the boss-employee relationship?
  • How does the communication language used affect the performance result?
  • How has this affected performance in companies where kindness has not been experienced to date?
  • Which measurement method is used in this subject?
  • What is the consequence of insulting a person or criticizing them negatively in a significant dimension at the meetings?
  • What is the purpose here?

I believe that companies of all sizes should give their own answers to these questions.

Gentle leadership; means success. The gentle leader is not weak. A calm, humble, polite leadership style achieves success. Clarity of expectations, accurate and courteous feedbacks, encouraging growth and transparency are the main topics that positively affect performance. When a decision is required that can adversely affect people, it is the responsibility of the leader to express it gently.

Gentle leadership is to treat people like people. Gentle, strong leaders create a happier, more profitable workforce. For employees, courtesy creates greater happiness and satisfaction, higher motivation and energy. The contribution of employees increases and naturally increases loyalty. The relationship between management and employees can be more creative, innovative, collaborative and positive when there is trust.

In companies with high employee contribution, there is an organization open to the development and progress of the employee. It also results in an organization that good talent will want to work and prefer.