Çiğdem Güven Seminars hosted Emre Aracı, PhD., the world-famous music historian, conductor and composer, on May 30th 2016 as a guest speaker.

At the seminar, Emre Aracı, PhD, invited his audience to embark on similar, individual journeys to their own past and discover the lost compositions of Ottoman court, which stayed on the dusty shelves of archives.

Aiming to provide different perspectives about life with its inspiring guest speakers and experts, Çiğdem Güven Seminars hosted Emre Aracı PhD., the world-famous music historian, conductor and composer representing Turkey in different countries successfully, on May 30th, 2016 at İstanbul Hilton Bosphorus Hotel.

At his seminar titled “In Search of Lost Sounds – A Personal Journey to the Past”, Emre Aracı, PhD. revealed the magnificence of an elegant past, which developed at the Bosphorus shores in 19th century and become extinct in today’s world, with the music notes.

Focusing on the European musical practice in the Ottoman court in the 19th century, Emre Aracı, PhD, made a remarkable speech about various topics including the stories of sultans who devoted themselves almost exclusively to compose in their own palaces, famous streets of Turkey which smells like history of music, interesting stories of the world’s greatest composers visited Turkey and also milestones of his own life.

Participants of the seminer, which was available both for corporations and individuals, had an opportunity to listen to the Aracı’s “In Search of Lost Sounds Symphony”, which has been recorded recently in the Prag’s historical atmosphere.