A successful aesthetic surgeon making a difference in the field, Dr. Serdar Eren met with many participants on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 to talk about the relationship of happiness and beauty and its impact on our lives in Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus Hotel. The income of the seminar is transferred to the scholarship fund created by the BNU Association for university students.

Çiğdem Güven Seminars, which welcomes the specialist and inspirational speakers in their own fields, hosted Dr. Serdar Eren, whose name frequently marked in the field of medical. With the active participation of the guests, Eren reminded us how the concept of beauty developed in our lives and how effective it is in catching happiness.

Combining the usual plastic surgery techniques with psychoanalytic exam to strengthen his ability, Op. Dr. Serdar Eren has had the opportunity to study different approaches to beauty by closely dealing with his patients from various regions for more than thirty years. The seminar explains how the concept of beauty is shaped, the change of beauty perception, the relationship between beauty and happiness. Dr. Serdar Eren responded to the participants’ questions and created a pleasant chat environment.

“If you want to change your life, they change the angle of view first, and when you see different perspectives, it’s good to realize that new doors have opened in our souls, and some walls have been destroyed.” The Op. Dr. Serdar Eren stated that feeling beautiful is actually more important than being considered as beautiful by people.