Strategic Leader is the person who sets the roadmap to achieve the ultimate goal with the team.Leaders with a strong strategic point of view are people who can come out of their daily work energy, look from a higher angle, see the big picture, make interim evaluations, and make new revisions if conditions change.

With the pandemic process, flexibility, adaptation to change, endurance, stress management, emotional control, adaptation to digital transformation, connecting with the team, keeping communication frequent and open, situation assessment, goal-oriented, learning, innovation, and being open to change are more prominent.

I see the leaders faced with finding direction and way in uncertainty with the pandemic period. Leaders, after the first period of turmoil, revised and adapted daily and medium term business plans under the current conditions. They experienced leadership from a distance. With the trust and open communication basis of these studies, they transferred the daily routines to the digital environment. Leaders, again, during this period, with stress and uncertainty, to stay in the flow and work again with necessary revisions they experienced working towards performance.

During the pandemic, everyone including the Leaders is trying to do the best under the conditions. The critical issue here learning from experience. When you look at successful companies, we see that they have created a culture that learns from their failures. This approach is not very common in the business world. Whereas, not being afraid of failures, learning and providing output from experience are critical for company success. The problem is repeating the same mistakes, not making mistakes.

In this period we are going through, we see that there are companies that invest in their digital capacity and are not yet ready for the digital world. The companies that could not use it accelerated significantly in terms of digital capacity usage due to the effect of the pandemic. During this period, companies with insufficient digital capacity should invest, finance and process.Therefore, a dynamism regarding investments started in these companies.

In the period we are going through, I think a hybrid management, remote working and working in the office will come to a balance. After the hybrid period, I think there will be no return to the old system. There will be an increase in the direction of digitalization. Cyber ​​security with the increase of digitalization issues will be studied as the priority agenda of the companies. The pandemic period will provide a very important learning process. Learning periods are difficult and painful. Working and not working practices will be evaluated together and companies will reach a new balance.

However, during and after the pandemic, target-oriented studies will increase over time. The team is more competent in their own work, the result and that their target-oriented competencies investment will increase. In the changes, people, including the Leaders, knowing points of resistance, confronting them and working on this issue will enable them to look ahead despite their fears. The only constant is change.

Leadership is a concept from life. I observe how leadership competencies meet the needs in daily life and improve relationships. Conflict Studying subjects such as management, negotiation skills, communication skills etc. in schools will also ease the business world. In corporate business life, such investments are quite large. This is because these competencies before work life are not acquired. It is due to the fact that. However, these studies increase the awareness of people, enable them to make more accurate choices, and prepare them for life. Leadership work needs to be affordable. However, I think that leadership competencies should be studied in universities and high schools.

With the digital world, the issue of employment, being unemployed in individuals, what the question arises. I believe that people who develop and learn are more courageous. Efforts to get to know oneself can create new opportunities and even more satisfying opportunities for people to realize. I think that companies that make peace with technology and turn what they bring into opportunities will save a significant amount of time compared to their competitors. What opportunities will the organization and team obtain and where strength has been achieved needs to be evaluated.

Leader and team know themselves and manage their power, develop their competencies, be open to development, institutions and individuals invest in themselves, necessary support, serious cost advantage to institutions will create. It will minimize the costs caused by time losses, lack of planning and other sabotage. Development, change and adaptation to innovations are critical success factors for organizations. Here, it is important to really listen and evaluate different perspectives.

In order to understand and evaluate different points of view, one really needs to be able to listen. I observe in my executive consultancy work we should make listening and asking strong questions skills stronger. Power is in the questions asked by leaders. Managing resources and power is only possible in this way. Otherwise, the leader acts on the assumption that he knows every subject, which is not possible, and burnout begins after a while. In the place of burnout, it is definitely an important problem in resource management and the necessary approaches and studies should be done to solve this.

Conditions in business life will always change. For the continuity of success strategic leaders doing the necessary work, knowing where they are about competencies and being open to development, gains from these periods, will enable them to learn and get stronger. I consider that the establishment of support mechanisms, solidarity, open communication, transparency, listening will support continuity in the desired success in such periods.