We encounter many events in life that cause us difficulties and stress. However, this situation should not be immediately despaired. Because these difficulties are the main thing that improve our mind and abilities, like the growth of strained muscles. In other words, we learn when we fail in the face of difficulties and improve ourselves as we learn. Stress comes into play at this point and makes it easier for us to focus, avoid danger, and achieve results. However, it is a known fact that being stressed for a long time can cause health problems. Therefore, we need to raise the level of psychological resilience as soon as possible in order not to harm our body. Raising this level allows us to withstand stress and use it to our advantage. The importance of this is better understood in the financial and banking sectors and managerial positions where stress is high. For this reason, in this article, firstly, the answer to the question of what resilience means will be given, then the benefits of having a high level of psychological resilience will be explained, and finally, its relationship with leadership will be discussed.

Resilience, means being resistant to adverse situations and difficulties in life and maintaining a healthy mood. In addition, resilience includes being able to get rid of stress after stressful events, recovery and normal living. That is, people who are full in terms of psychological resilience see their failures and negative experiences as temporary obstacles and then continue their lives stronger.

People with high psychological resilience do not give up and collapse in the face of challenging events. This makes them more resistant both emotionally and physically. Therefore, these people who can stand up to difficulties become stronger in their work and emotional relationships, and this brings success with it. These people who are not afraid of taking risks and are able to make quick decisions also have high self-confidence, making it easier for them to climb the career ladder. Therefore, as shown by various studies, resilient people with high resilience are more likely to become effective leaders.

Considering the stress of difficulties and the responsibility and difficulty of team execution for leaders, the importance of having a high level of psychological resilience and thus maintaining mental health is better understood. According to an article published in Forbes, the effect of resilience on effective leadership is quite high. The study shared in the article with over 500 leaders of various levels states that 87% of the most influential leaders are also leaders with the highest level of resilience. The same study also points to the factors that indicate the psychological resilience levels of leaders. Leaders with a high level of resilience include the ability to communicate effectively, receive consultancy and accept feedback, build relationships based on trust, take risks, support the development of other employees, lead and support change and be determined. This is done classification will be useful to leaders who want to evaluate their own characteristics and to increase their endurance.

The psychological resilience level of a leader can be determined by considering the difficulties he faces. For example; A manager who did not face the difficulties of the financial sector did not experience the stress of these difficulties. Therefore, the psychological resilience of the person who is not exposed to enough stress, his ability to cope with difficulties and his readiness for the next difficulties and stress levels cannot be determined.

What it means to be resilient or psychologically sound and resilient and what the factors that determine them are basically have been mentioned above. Having these qualities in the business world will especially improve their leadership competencies and enable leaders to better manage their teams. The desire to develop this competence, especially in the financial world, has also contributed to the provision of training and certificate programs on this subject. For example, a training called Turkey Banks Union planned to stay standing by in difficult times and rapidly evolving, it is planned to develop the competencies of employees in the banking sector competitive. Because leaders who are psychologically sound will be able to cope better with difficulties, support their employees, manage their team effectively, and as a result, they will be recognized as good leaders in the eyes of their employees.

Leader must learn to manage oneself before leading someone else. The importance of self-direction is “the master of my destiny, the captain of my soul” in the poet William Ernest Henley’s lines, finds its place in the form. This is indeed a sentence to reflect on for leaders. Because a person cannot lead someone else without learning to manage himself. The method of self-management is primarily through dealing with difficulties and stress. Therefore, in order to be prepared for the worst times, one should set sail for new challenges, get out of the comfort zone and expose himself to stress without waiting for those times to come. Because the level of psychological endurance also increases as the muscles are exposed to stress and tension, such as strengthening as they work. As seen in the research published in Forbes, the increase of this threshold enables the person who increases his leadership abilities to lead his team more successfully. Team success naturally brings corporate success with it, and the company continues on its way more consciously and skillfully, getting out of difficult days.