Dr. Osman Sacarcelik gave a speech on fintech, digital payment systems, credit platforms, robo advice, crypto assets and distinctive digital transformation projects at Hilton İstanbul Bosphorus Hotel on October 09, 2018.

The Cigdem Guven Seminars welcomed one of the most successful businesspeople in finance sector in October. The head of Turkey team at Deloitte Germany, banking and finance law specialist Dr. Osman Sacarcelik stressed that companies complying with the necessities of the digital world will strengthen
their position in rapidly changing business world while focusing on the impacts of the rapid and intensive digital transformation in the finance world on the company policies and relations between companies and clients in 21st centuries.

Apart from his duty at Deloitte, Dr Osman Sacarcelik works as a consultant at HELIX Orange – Generation ICO and conducts academic studies at Wiesbaden EBS Faculty of Law. In 2013, his doctoral thesis was granted Research Award by Capital Markets Law for the Financial Center Germany. In the seminar, he stated that the digitalization in the finance sector plays a key role to reach the customers and satisfy their demands. He also shared his valuable opinions regarding the future of the sector and suggestions for the institutions which aim to be a global brand. After the speech, the participants from the business and academic world addressed questions to Dr Sacarcelik.