When we look at the careers of women in corporate life, we see that the balance between responsibilities at home and at work is an important issue. Work-life balance is an important topic, especially for employees with children. Serious performance losses can occur if there is no support from grandparents. To prevent these losses, it would be very useful to make systematic arrangements and to put the parents in a comfortable order.)

People who are raised by unemployed mothers have a mother model in their minds. When responsibilities increase for a working mother, the process of experience begins, without a any knowledge to do the two things childcare and job at the same time.

The part of this issue that concerns the institutions is that the parents who have difficulties in child care have decreased their work performance. The loss of efficiency and motivation to occur affects the whole institution, not a person.

The corporate world, as it does in many fields, should lead more intensely and train in the field of experience, and one of the most important topics we face in career issues is glass ceiling syndrome. The glass ceiling is an indescribable obstacle. It is a situation where he has an unwittingness about rising. Women who face glass ceiling syndrome should be aware of this and work on it. Although the woman is very successful in business life, woman does not want to be ahead of her husband, wants to balance the house. Progression in her career may be disrupted due to a situation in which even she does not notice her own disability and cannot define it.

Queen bee syndrome is also an important concept. It expresses the situation that the woman does not want to see anyone stronger than herself. Developed and adult women can overcome this weakness.

Another issue observed in the financial markets is the difference between the women working at the middle level and the women working at the management level. The performance of the woman during the transition to the middle level is not sufficient in the transition to senior management. I think that the causes of this situation should be revealed and studied. Because, in cases where men and women manage and work together, there are consequences such as increase in job performance, improved processes and higher motivation. If complementary powers are together, well constructed, it is certain that institutions will contribute from this.

Another important concept regarding women’s career is positive discrimination. In cases where men and women are equally competent for a staff, giving priority to women. Positive discrimination is successfully implemented in Northern European countries.

Productivity in corporate life is one of the top priorities. In order to obtain the highest performance from human resources, it is important to recognize this resource and to reveal its strengths. Turning women’s potential into performance effects direct financial implications.

According to recent research at the Harvard Kennedy School, it shows that the misplacement of talent in the labor market, where highly skilled women are in low-skilled, low-income professions, is a major barrier to growth.

Especially in India, it shows that an increase of 10% will increase the net earnings per capita by 8%.

While the male brain shows analytical, challenging, result-oriented, decision-making features, the female brain is more process-oriented, empathetic, motivational and creative. There is a 20-30% increase in profit in the use of both strong features put together.