The workshop called “On Coaching and Communication in Corporate Life” was organized by Çiğdem Güven in the Turkish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Coaching is a service that forms the basis of success stories by creating a difference with the new perspective, effective behaviors and strong communication skills that people gain in every aspect of life. In order to introduce this service in Berlin Turkish-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the workshop titled “On Coaching and Communication in Corporate Life” was organized on 6 December 2018.

In our daily life of business, our behavior patterns and communication methods affect our success without being aware of them. So, demonstrating the right attitudes in our business relations requires a professional perspective. The workshop conducted by Çiğdem Güven who has been working as a professional in this field for many years in various
European countries and Turkey, was accompanied by civil society organizations, participants of various organizations and company owners.

Many important topics such as developing different perspectives in the definition of coaching, raising awareness, developing personal and professional fields, self-recognition and decision-making were discussed in the workshop. Also, the demo version of ”Coaching in Corporate Life” was presented with active involvement of the participants.

At the end of the workshop, the philosophy underlying coaching and the values ​​that people would acquire were discussed. Overall, Çiğdem Güven emphasized that the development of the basic competencies used in communication and action creates great awareness and difference in both the private lives and corporate lives of individuals.