Çiğdem Güven excels in the evaluation, quotation, management and marketing of financial instruments.

She has been standing out in banking and finance sectors for over 21 years through the high performance, motivation and proven results/achievements of the teams she created/managed in the past. Among Çiğdem Güven’s areas of expertise are large-scale commercial branch management; risk management; budgeting and expense management; credit analysis and management; customer relations management; talent management and development; and project finance in energy, mining, and construction sectors.

Before she started to offer counseling services in 2013, Çiğdem Güven performed as the CFO of Cengiz Group operating with a total of 33 firms in construction, energy, and mining. Before having been responsible of all of Cengiz Group’s financial activity, Çiğdem Güven had served within the body of Garanti Bank in 6 different administrative positions for 20 years.

Çiğdem Güven, having worked in Garanti Bank’s Corporate and Financial Trade Marketing Directorate; Corporate Loans Directorate; and Istanbul Branch Office between 1992 and 2003, has finally worked in Altunizade Branch Office as the branch manager between 2003 and 2012. A graduate of Istanbul University Faculty of Management, Çiğdem Güven has also participated in many trainings abroad, including but not limited to “Negotiation” at Columbia Business School, “Problem Loans” at Management Center Europe, and “Developing Strategic Leader” at Center for Creative Leadership.

Having completed the Coaching Training Institute’s Coaching Certification Program, Çiğdem Güven has over 3000 hours of coaching experience. Güven studied personal development with Boğaziçi University teaching fellow Leyla Navaro between 2005 and 2011. Çiğdem Güven, being fluent in English, has also been continuing her studies on spiritualism with Yogesh Sharda since 2012.

Çiğdem Güven first identifies the most effective method for the development of either the individual or group of employees. She is then able to use a specially designed development process to help the person or persons find the most effective and efficient way to reach their goals. Çiğdem Güven’s focus is on identifying and designing the most effective development processes for individuals and groups of employees within a business context. She sees great value in identifying the most efficient way to get results and always has this at the core of her own work, too. In these programs, she has shared her experience and knowledge with the leading executives of today and the future.

Trainings and Seminars

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