Institutionalization in Family Companies,

It is a consultancy service that focuses on preventing the confusion that family traditions and views that operate on the basis of the company will create in family and business relations, maintaining values,ensuring the transfer of power and authority in a healthy way,and eliminating the deficiencies of the institutional infrastructure.

Enterprse Agiilty,

Its a trainiing program for understanding the principles of agility, creating an agile organizational structure, establishing agility & transformation, agility & adaptation relationship, and managing corporate agility processes.

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Wind of Change

Change is an important concept that must be managed for employees at all levels. Change brings stress for all employees. Employees move from their familiar comfort zone to uncertainty. Therefore, they have to manage the [...]

Organizational Justice

“What is justice? Giving water to trees. What is injustice? To give water to thorns. Justice is (consists in) bestowing a bounty in its proper place, not on every root that will absorb water. 1090 [...]

Open Banking

Digital transformation has started to show its effects in every aspect of our lives. It even helped new business models to emerge. Integrating traditional methods into technological environments with the help of digital transformation saves [...]

Digital Literacy And Corporate Life

There are many innovations that managers and employees need to follow in order to adapt to our day-to-day digital world. Along with the rapid technological developments and innovations, it is seen that the learning characteristics [...]