The manager at work is in communication with the other parts of the business. These should be named and managed carefully. It is the manager should initiate and retain good communications. Management of these specific relations at work is a critical success factor. Looking at oneself as a manager from a different perspective, listening to formal and informal feedback, actually changing when it is needed and putting a lot of effort into it, help towards the manager’s success. Acknowledging areas for improvement is not enough to change. He/she should make and enact an action plan for the change. Thus, the manager will get what he truly desires in his/her career. All managers must take an active role in their career paths.

If managers evaluate their own targets regularly, they will understand how their performance compares to their own targets set at the beginning of the year. This type of self-evaluation needs to be a high priority for any manager. When managers do not put a lot of effort into this, it is possible for them write a scenario and believe in it instead of thinking rationally.

Improvement and development are essential for managers. Being in highly self-aware is important as well. Being clear, simple and uncomplicated are as important as evaluation dates. Uncertain targets and low self-awareness can cause low productivity and time off.

Managers can get advice and coaching on how to be a successful leader. Changes can be made in goals and targets that can improve a career path. Self-Awareness and being clear about these needs support success. During my consultancies I have realized that managers may hesitate to invest in their own development. Your corporation will invest in you. All development certainly leads to more possibilities towards reaching one’s goals. However, I have noticed that the managers who choose to invest in themselves have even better chances for promotion. After all, individuals are on their path to realize their potential and such investments  provide valuable material and moral gains on this path.