Patience is an important concept in management. Patience is active, not passive. Waiting for the difficulties to pass is the state of being able to let go of the flow. In all my experiences, I see that the subject of patience is important. In fact, life teaches us patience, if we resist not learning, we experience and learn until we learn. I believe, It is an important development area in managerial area.

Patience-movement balance is shaped with our experience in our business life. When the loan went into default, the new manager who thinks that the world has come to an end, after experiencing this process, learns that in another problematic loan management, at least the world has not come to an end and realizes that over time, he should be responsible for the good management of risk management issues.

Patience emerges as an important concept in team management. In my work, it is not a coincidence that a manager from a group with similar success level is noticed and promoted by senior management by far. The patience and care shown to keep the team up contains hope and trust. Hope and trust are motivational fuel.

In my work with Client Counselors, I witness that the break point in some development issues, namely change and learning, can sometimes be through long-term studies. After this break point, the speed can continue with an incredibly high acceleration. In the period until the break point, working and waiting, which contains hope and trust, open the door to success. I believe that these learning are very permanent and change is motivating. It is indispensable for change and action music.

The success that patience opens up supports self-confidence, increases energy, is riveted with appreciation and motivations, and the manager continues to accelerate. With these works, the manager’s awareness window opens up in a real sense and models being in the flow, waiting for others, trust and hope. Because he has seen and experienced this model is successful. When you explain, it is not possible for these concepts to be so internalized.

Patience also reminds the manager of his power of existence. The minds filled with the action plan experience that they can produce solutions to their inaction and effective inactive processes. Team managers have a sprawling effect. Although the number of people they manage is 25-50-100-1000, their values, business governance styles and virtues begin to spread directly and indirectly. Therefore, individuals should be able to express what they have contributed to the society, the next generation, to life, and satisfaction can come in this way. Naming, expressing contribution, expressing oneself, being in ethical developments, spreads, grows. Our own world is presented to the world as a drop. The motivation it brings cannot be measured with pleasure, money and rights. Of course, it is possible to express them with the assumption that there are minimum living standards.

The patience of a parent in raising his child, the patience in raising a flower, and an animal, and the patience achieved in the values ​​that bring value to the lives of the employees and the patience shown in their upbringing are meaningful and satisfying. It is far from concepts like it is real. Motivation leads to defined successes.

In my works, I witness that the managers who think they are patient, have realized the limits of patience with these awareness and how soon they have come. What happened is real. Making use of these experiences is one’s own decision. If experiences are presented correctly and beautifully, the benefit will be high.

Success in these processes is not unilateral. It is a common performance of the Client and the Consultant. Work time and patience needed are a criterion of success.