The fact that managers in the corporate world act with awareness of networking serves their success. The manager, who has a strong networking competence, provides information flow, learns different perspectives, is open to experiences, business opportunities and innovations, and gets stronger in providing suggestions to companies he works with, creating added value.

Networking is the art of planning the future with relationships and achieving success with relationships. In fact, networking is not a new concept, it existed with humanity. People are in relation to each other. To be safe, to be protected, to get help, to reach somewhere… In networking, the strength of the manager determines the sincerity, knowledge, depth, values ​​and how it contributes to the other side.

The lack of networking does not support the manager in making use of potential opportunities, creating contributions, innovation, and seeing the big picture. This competence also provides the manager with a real flow of information and observation about seeing himself within the organization, identifying him, seeing himself through the institution’s eyes. All this supports the strategic point of view of the manager.

What makes Networking strong? To make targeting, to create action plans suitable for targeting, to be a recognized person, to be able to define recognition correctly, to be sincere, to be able to listen and ask questions, to be sincere with people, to create good feelings on the opposite side, to be reliable, to be honest, to be a believed person, creating a benefit to the person in front of us, being positive, helping, and communicating are the actions that make the person strong about networking. In these studies, it is important for the person to express himself, to be aware of the communication he has established in a short time, and to work on this issue if necessary. Networking is a long process, as it does a study on how to use social media and acts consciously. Sustainability is important. It is worth remembering that it requires effort.

15 years of research and scientifically proving his thesis on thousands of subjects According to the data of Harvard psychologist Amy Cuddy, people ask themselves subconsciously when they first meet you: “Can I trust you?” Cuddy’s research results have scientifically proven that reliability is everything. It is worth earning our trust in a person to sustain our is vital to know.

Established with strong relationships and the right steps, the network supports success through relationships. However, it objectively reveals aspects that need to be improved and needs for change. The fact that we have a reliable, helpful, sincere and positive attitude in our relations supports building a strong network.